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Total Planning2024


[Recycled and/or re-used plastic, eyelets, dowel]

Total Planning pays a visit to Norway's underappreciated socialist-era mass housing projects, such as Ammerud outside of Oslo, and Risvollan outside Trondheim. Built with economical means and total rationalization in mind, the goal was to provide healthy housing in the quickest delays. According to leading architects of the time, aesthetics were NOT going to stand in the way of necessary reconstruction. However, architect Birgit Cold stands out, managing to provide a sensitive and human architecture at Risvollan despite countless constraints and shifting requirements.

The woven banners of this series are a cross between the patriotic posturing of national flags, celebrating the victories of these mid-century housing projects, and the "Danger: Falling Ice" flags commonly seen around Norwegian cities: a warning about the potential social problems that can arise from hasty building and planning.

Total Planning was presented at Lademoen Kunstnersverksteder in Trondheim, Norway in March 2024.

These works were created during a two-month stay at Lademoen Kunsnersverksteder's international artist in residence program in Trondheim, Norway. Special thanks to: Rebeka Helena Blikstad, Lisa Storseth Pettersen, Rowen Foster, Lars Sjåvik at Trondheim Kommune, Eigil Forberg, Sigrid Voll Bøyum, Kjersti Berg, Joel Young, and everyone at LKV for their plastic donations!


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