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Sophia Borowska is a Montréal-based artist, researcher, and writer working in fibres, sculpture, photography, and installation.

Borowska's work deconstructs prevailing hierarchies between art and craft through the subversive act of hybridizing textiles and architecture. Technically trained as a weaver, she engages in a "textile-adjacent" practice: applying textile processes to architectural materials, translating photographs into weavings, or creating site-responsive structures that teeter between strong and soft.

She is fundamentally interested in process and place, particularly architecture and interiors. Images of urban landscapes, and materials present in the city -- concrete, steel, wood, industrial textiles such as tarp or rope -- often make their ways into her artworks.

Both textiles and architecture are media that we live our lives in: one at the intimate scale of the body, and one at the monumental scale of rooms and towers. Borowska's research delves into architecture, urbanism, textile history, craft and materiality studies, and feminist theory, seeking points of intersection between textiles, the body, and the built environment. Through materiality, collaboration, feminist thought, and the handmade, she aims to problematize the divide between art and design and break down associated patriarchal ideals.

Her Jacquard weaving-research practice seeks conceptual links between weaving and digital culture, given that industrialized punch-card weaving technology developed alongside the first computers. This project can be explored at

She holds a BFA, with great distinction, from Concordia University in Montréal, and a diploma in Textiles from Capilano University in BC, Canada. Borowska has exhibited and curated across Canada, and has been published in Canada and the United States. She is a member of the board of directors at Studio XX artist-run centre in Montréal, supporting feminist media arts.


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