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[Hand-knitted nylon tying twine and synthetic yarns, concrete, wire, steel cable clamps]

Referencing the idealism and utopian visions of Modernist architecture through textile processes, Pilotis deconstructs the symbolic values and material qualities of the textile/architecture binary. The installation places architecture’s perfection, order, and conceptual aspects into a world of imperfection, sensuality, and the corporeal in order to break down existing hierarchies. The seemingly dualistic forces of architecture/textile, mind/body, male/female, combine in hybrid forms.

Pilotis are architectural stilts that lift a building off the ground, physically and symbolically creating a sense of lightness and space. Knitted by hand, my visions of pilotis emerge from chipping concrete, the ruins of a utopian civilization that hybridizes architecture and textiles.

Amorphous forms flesh out/inhabit the open space "created" by the columns. Formed with wet concrete on various parts of my body, their sensual shapes are a materialization of limit-testing endurance and intimate closeness. Visually representing a human element in the installation, their actual materiality puts the certainties of architecture/body/textile into question.

Responding to the spatial constraints and architectural features of the gallery, Pilotis asks the audience to relate their own bodies more closely to architecture through the commonality of textiles.

Photographs by Ariana Bercovitch.


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