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[Linen, cotton and wool dobby weavings, cotton and wool tapestries, digital prints from 35mm negatives, repurposed wood, string]

Megastrukturer is a site-specific exhibition of textile and photo sculptures, informed by examples of Danish architecture. The woven textiles of Megastrukturer are based on photographs of local buildings between Odsherred and Copenhagen. They are interpreted and abstracted through processes inherent to weaving, such as repetition, geometry, stripes, and pixelation. Two different weaving styles are present: tapestry and digitally-assisted dobby loom weaving. Tapestry is an ancient technique of woven imagery, which creates a flexible matrix of image and texture. These were the vast architectural coverings of the past, now reworked as fragmented and three-dimensional snapshots. For the larger dobby loom pieces, slices of buildings are repeated across the cloth, creating impossible megastructures with forced perspective.

Thinking about the pluralism and evolution of Danish architecture, the pieces reference traditional brick and wood structures as well as Functionalist, Modernist, and Brutalist designs. How might a proto-Modernist Garden City like Annebergparken psychiatric facility connect to 1970s Assemblist project like Farum Midpunkt? Could the geometry of a 14th century church have influenced the Brutalist Panum wing of Copenhagen University? Using analog photography to capture examples of interesting architecture, Borowska has connected to her surroundings in Denmark. By translating these images into textile structures resembling furniture, she encourages viewers to relate to architecture in more haptic ways.

Both textiles and architecture are media that we live our lives in: one at the intimate scale of the body, and one at the monumental scale of rooms and towers. But we relate to architecture differently from textiles: the former might be intimidating, rational, visual, and the latter might be intimate, personal, tactile. What could be discovered by relating to concrete forms through the softness of cloth? Even the photographs included are not rigidly framed, but draped, drawing attention to their materiality.

Inspired by the Danish firm 3XN, whose projects are recyclable, re-configurable, and re-buildable, the sculptures are made of repurposed wood, and are entirely collapsible and modular.

Kunstkollektivet 8B presents RHIZOM 13: Megastrukturer at Pakhusgalleriet in Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark, from June 8 to 15, 2020. RHIZOM is the dynamic exhibition series and platform of 8B, comprising a network of exhibition sites that pop up at various locations and satellite galleries. The works for this exhibition were produced during a two-month artist residency at Kunstkollektivet 8B, in the region of Odsherred.

Video produced by Eistrup Film, with support from Kunstkolletivet 8B. This exhibition would not have been possible without the support of Pia Heike Johansen. Special thanks to Anna Huseman, Sara Jeffries, Hannah Toticki Anbert, Sofia Hagström Moller, Gitte Klausen, Jesper Bertelsen, Jacob Eistrup, Sharon Fritz, Greg Borowski, Max Borowski, and Joel Young.


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