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[Gravel, glass, and objects found onsite; cement; handmade chenille rope; cardboard; acrylic medium; crocheted mylar emergency blanket; digital prints from 35mm negatives; transparent vinyl]

Lot responds to urban landscape and renewal as they affect the body’s sensorial memory and perception of a place. A contested site in Montréal, omnipresent in the artist's life for years, is investigated through materiality, process, attachment, and mischief.

The Omnipac Building was an abandoned cardboard box factory at the intersection of Avenues du Parc and Van Horne in Montréal with an intense brutalist presence. It was demolished in 2014, and the lot has remained vacant while rumours circulate about redevelopment plans. 

Gravel, puddles, broken glass, trash, and mounds of snow and dirt now make up the textures and visual field of the Omnipac site. Lot re-investigates such materials through a sensual relationship with process. Using matter scavenged onsite and worked into custom concrete and terrazzo, this work aims to develop an empathetic relationship between material, place, and the living body, while questioning to what degree memory and affect are held by materials themselves. These sculptures, which could at once represent bodies, geological formations, or architectural ruins, play with contrasting associations of soft and hard, monumental and intimate, public and private, permanent and ephemeral, obsessive and apathetic.

Lot was presented at GAMMA in Montréal from Nov 23 – Dec 20, 2017. Curated by Daniela Madrid.


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