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Good Adventure2021


[Linen and wool weavings, inkjet prints from 35mm negatives on canvas, repurposed steel, concrete, metal zip-ties]

Good Adventure explores the current state of a defunct architectural movement close to home for the artist. This installation pays a tongue-in-cheek homage to Place Bonaventure, the 1967 megastructure in downtown Montréal. This massive, multi-use building cemented Montréal’s star-status in the idealistic Megastructure Movement, and Borowska explores how it functions or fails today. Weavings and photographs depicting Place Bonaventure and its off-branches populate a playful installation of reclaimed metal structures, designed in collaboration with, and built by, artist Vanessa Lee Jackson.

Good Adventure was presented as part of the 4th edition of Artch - art contemporain émergent, in Montréal's Dorchester Square from September 8 to 19, 2021. Special thanks to Vanessa Lee Jackson, Sarah Kitzy Gineau-Delyon, my fellow artists, the whole Artch team, and Joel Young.

I would like to acknowledge the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres de Québec for this project.


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